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About Us

Started in 2016 we offer a range of services in the arboriculture sector, from pruning fruit trees to dismantling large trees to tree surveying to stumpgrinding.  Trees are at the centre of what we do and we give our clients the best advice on how to practically manage them, whilst minimising the impact that physical treework can have on tree health. Our focus is on tree retention and if a tree cannot be retained then we try to create a use for it after it has been removed: we do this through milling, firewood production or biomass creation. 

Who We Are

My name is Harry and this is a bit about why I started working in the aboricultural sector. Having started to coppicing chestnut in 2014 as a means to pay for my environmental degrees, I fell in love with the physical aspect of the work and began to realise how much there was too learn about trees, tree health, the environment and our interaction with them. A few years later whilst working at an environmental consultancy I completed my training and became a full time tree surgeon and surveyor. 

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